Natural Gas

ABC Energy supplies natural gas to our customers at competitive prices.  Natural gas is the major fuel used to heat buildings. Businesses and homes also use it as an energy source for cooking, heating water, drying clothes and even outdoor lighting.



Manage your gas costs

With all of that potential demand, it’s no wonder that reducing the cost of your natural gas supply, reducing your natural gas usage and maximizing your efficiencies all go a long way toward managing your monthly natural gas bill.  

If your business is energy-intensive, we can help you manage your bill with our natural gas supply plans. Plus, we provide a variety of energy-efficiency programs created to help you better manage, control, and cut your energy costs.


The Power of Choice

In the states we serve, because of energy deregulation, consumers are not bound to purchase their energy supply from their local utility company, and are entitled to choose us for their natural gas supply.

The majority of our customers have had unnecessarily high energy bills with their local utility company, and have reduced their energy costs by choosing us as their supplier. After they enrolled with ABC Energy and selected one of our supply plans, they were able to reduce their energy costs once their next billing period began.


Explore Rate Options

We appreciate that some customers see an advantage in allowing ongoing market fluctuations in the price of natural gas to determine the rate they pay, while others prefer to protect against potential market volatility by locking in one constant, fixed rate in advance. When you enroll with ABC for natural gas supply, you choose the rate plan that is most sensible for your circumstances and business.

Fixed Rate

Here, you pay a flat rate per therm each month during a predetermined time period (usually 6 to 12 months). This pricing option offers the most predictability to your energy budget, and allows you to best estimate your natural gas and heating cost. We recommend this option for customers whose priority is careful budgeting.

Fixed To Index

Natural gas is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). Three calendar days before the end of each month, a settlement price is established for natural gas sold during the next month. We add a fixed margin to the settlement price, resulting in our final sale price.


Variable Rate

With this pricing option, there is no long-term contract or binding obligation. The price you pay per therm is determined by market fluctuations, very similar to how the local utility prices natural gas.

Additional Savings

Our New York state customers, when natural gas is purchased from ABC Energy, the New York sales tax on the utility portion of the bill is eliminated. For New York state customers, ABC Energy is not obligated to collect Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) fees.